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This Hilarious Tipsy Nail Art Tutorial Will Make You Forget It’s Monday

If you’re both a beauty addict and a wine aficionado, you know that a few glasses into your favorite bottle of Malbec, your cat-eye skills start getting a little sloppy. (As the designated makeup artist of my group of friends, I had to be really careful during pregame sessions in college.) Get deep enough into the bottle, though, and you strike the perfect balance between “I am an artiste” and “IDGAF.”

YouTube user Toulouse Goose documented her admirable quest to complete a nail art DIY while plowing through honeycrisp-apple-studded sangria. From her struggles to open a bottle of cuticle oil to yelling at her camera to focus, Toulouse Goose’s tutorial is both hilarious and relatable. Her finished creation veers into Pinterest fail territory, but it is absolutely worth watching from start to finish – if not just to hear her confession at the end.

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