#PynkGirlofTheDay Natalie Warne


You’re never too young to make an impact.  A few years ago Natalie Warne became compelled to intern for the Invisible Children’s program.  Natalie brought attention to the organization which helps to protect, rehabilitate and spread the word about Uganda’s children being affected by the very violent and rebellious Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa.  NatalieWarne31Bits3Natalie’s efforts summoned the attention of Oprah which obviously led more mainstream attention to the organization.  Natalie’s spirit and will power was so inspiring too many that she was inducted to speaking for TedXTeen Talks where she gave an empowering lecture spoken with conviction on never being too young to change the world.  Her passion and resilience is a testament that anything is possible, regardless of the roadblocks.  We thank Natalie for proving that despite age, the younger voices in this world does matter and is just as important!

Check out her infamous TEDxTalk Below:

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