#PynkPicks Best Places to Shop Online


1.  www.ShopDandJ.com
Price Range: $12 to $80
Collection: Visual Lookbook

2.  www.Threadsence.com
Style:  Bohemian free-spirit
Price Range: $8 to $400
Collection: Monthly Style Agenda

3.  www.fashionbunker.com
Style:  Minimalist
Price Range: $ 10 to $500
Collection: A selection of awesome Australian Designers you should be wearing!

4.  www.owen.com
Style:  Detail oriented pieces
Price Range:  $70 to $2,000.00
Collection: Emerging Designers

5.  www.outnet.com
Style:  Sister site to Net-a-porter
Price Range: $40 to $3,000.00
Collection: Marked down high-end pieces

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