When you hear the term coined, “expect the unexpected,” believe it!

When Alice found out she was diagnosed with Leukemia she created a bucket list of all the things she wanted to do and undo.  With the help of her friend Harvey who is quite in awe of her, Alice set out to get revenge before the worse is yet to come.  Her list consists of getting back at her ex-boyfriend and longtime nemesis.  Soon after things take a turn, surprisingly for the better…

When Alice’s cancer goes into remission she’s forced to look at the bigger picture.  Was it all worth it being so malicious? Alice has to take a good look in the mirror at herself and make the attempt to un-right her wrongs the second time around!

PERK: Growing up entails taking the high road, a great lesson in owning up and making things right!


Originally posted on XO Girl Daily

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