Fans Call Kevin Hart’s Fiance A Gold Digger And This Is What He Had To Say About It

Kevin Hart

Thousands of people hound others’ pages to talk negatively about them daily, and yesterday was no exception. Kevin Hart’s fiancee Eniko Parrish posted a seemingly innocent photo of the two of them caught taking a stroll by the paparazzi, and moments later it all took a left turn. Hundreds of people began bashing Eniko, claiming she was a gold digger and that she’d never be with him if he was “a regular dude working at Home Depot.”

Her comic relief immediately caught wind of the comments and decided to leave one of his own addressing the haters and defending his lover. “ARE WE WORRYING ABOUT YOU?????”, Kevin Hart typed to the “negative, unhappy, put your page on private b*tches.” “The answer is not even a little bit.”



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