#WCW: Xosha Roquemore


Photography/Catherine Powell

So what else is in store for you this year?

I have a few movies in the can and I’m waiting on those to come out. I’m living life to the fullest and being in the moment everyday. “The Mindy Project,” of course, is coming back on April 12th. I’m ready for people to see the last 13 episodes and we’re looking forward to closing out Part B of season four.

What can we expect this time around from your character?

You can expect more antics and craziness and meddling. Tamra’s going to get into the people in the office’s business as usual, but there are a few fun twists and turns romantically for Mindy’s character. That’ll give Tamra a lot to meddle into.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Executive producing for sure. Doing my own thing and getting my voice out there more. Maybe not speaking so much of other people’s words, but using my own words.

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